About the Society

Society for Protection of Working and Street Children (SPWSC) was established with the Interior Ministry's nationwide license and welfare organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Behzisti) in 2001 (Registration Number 14174) in order to help and rehabilitate the needy and unprivileged children who are deprived of the context of the country's education. The society successfully received SGS standard certificate for perfect executive and financial performance from Switzerland in 2011. SPWSC could also obtain rating 59 among 301 members with SGS standard. We are glad to announce that about 700 children are supported by this society through continuous efforts in four educational centers (Kindness Houses). We proudly declare that we could have granted educational facilities (reading, writing and learning life skills) to about 6000 children and their parents. According to the UN definition for literacy, it is the ability to read, write, calculate, learning life skills and basic knowledge required for working with computer.


The major activities of the Association are: literacy for children and their parents, teaching life skills for a better life and prevention of behavioral disorders such as addiction and crime, vocational training (welding, turning, plumbing, carpet weaving, doll making, male and female hairdressing, sewing, repairing mobile, computer training, pyrography) , health education ,  therapeutic medical services, psychosocial counseling and social-work, fill leisure sports, book reading, holding rituals and festive occasions e.g. International Children's Day , child birth ,etc. various campaigns , preparation and presentation of the products (stationery, books, shoes, dress season, daily nutrition, hygiene kits) , empowering families with training programs in family , birth control training for parents, training child rights, research within the interest of the SPWSC and other relevant areas.