Non-technical vocational treaining center

Regarding the activities of Society for Protection of working and Street Children in the fields of physical and psychic, emotional and social growth and also education and training affaires, improving life level and to empowering needy children and to create the sense of sociability in children to make them ready to be in society, the of non-technical vocational training center based on a mutual agreement with vocational training organization was established in 1393. This complex is to avoid family disorders and child labor, tries to empower mothers especially head of families.

As it was always emphasized that the children freely come to Kindness Houses, all courses are provided after the process of taking surveys and needs assessments.

All the courses that provided in non-technical vocational training center are under the supervision of acclaimed instructors of the vocational training organization and accredited certificates would be given to participants. Some courses are as follows: 

Pyrography, hairdressing, sewing, and embroidery, Tissue Mill, doll making, making leather bags, etc. are held in this center.