Helping in cash

Application form of supporters of Society for Protection of working and Street Children

First Name 

Last Name

Date of Birth

Email Address


Phone Number

Monthly membership tuition

2000 Tooman

5000 Tooman

10000 Tooman




Working and street children are the future makers of our country. Let's support them to make bright future for them

The expense of educating each working and street children is 2000 Tooman daily.

The ways one can pay membership tuition:

SPWSC’s Bank Account Number: Bank Sepah (Branch code: 575), 30575000824091

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN): IR090150000030575000824091

ATM Card Number: 5892101050908215

Please contact the central office after you paid. 88003278

We appreciate that you plant the seed of hope to future in the heart of working and street children.